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Frequently Asked Framing Questions

We'v done our best to answer the most common questions we hear. If you don't find your question or answer here, please let us help you.

You can contact us by phone, by sending us an email or stop by our Woodlands location.

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How fast is Fastframe?
When do you need it? Our normal turnaround time is a week, but we all our framing is done on-site, so we can accommodate most deadlines, including same day.
How much will it cost? Can I get an estimate over the phone?
Yes. Prices can vary dramatically depending on the frame, glass, mats, etc that are chosen. We can usually give you an idea of where pricing might start and discuss options other options. However, it's always best if you bring your piece in.   | Contact Us
Are some of the craft store frame shops cheaper?
Our prices are competitive given the same design, workmanship, materials and guarantee, but there is much more to consider. Our vast selection of frames, mats, fillets, liners and glass choices often aren't offered by craft frame stores, so cannot be simply compared. At Fastframe, you'll work with an experienced, custom frame designer who knows which materials and techniques will work for your piece. We also strongly believe in using only preservation materials so that your piece is protected for a lifetime. Not all operations do. In short, beware of what some stores claim as ‘similar’: it may not be at all.
Is your framing done on-site or do you ship it out?
All our work is truly custom. It is done by us, on site, so we can see the piece from start to finish. If there are any imperfections in the materials or in the execution of your design, we take care of it then and there - not after you come in to pick up the piece and notice a problem. Many operations actually use frames and mats constructed off-site. Your piece is fit into the pre-produced frame and matting at the stores. The smallest errors in measurement or in production of these materials will result in a piece with noticable imperfections that are difficult to correct.
How much does it cost to frame a sports jersey?
Prices start about $400. A true custom designed piece will run $600 and up, but there are some really nice touches we can bring to a piece. There are ‘jersey boxes’ advertised for less, but these are really just black boxes in which the jersey hangs. Please see our Visual Gallery to see what’s possible here.
How much does it cost to frame my degree/diploma?
A basic, single mat design starts about $200 depending on the size of the certificate. We would encourage you to bring your diploma in so we can show you some of the wonderful design options for your hard earned degree. Many places offer "diploma frames or framing" which can be of questionable quality. In our opinion, your diploma is something you should really have done right with legitimate preservation quality materials to protect your piece over the years.
Do I need to bring a mirror in to get it custom framed?
No. We take it from start to finish. You tell us what finished size mirror you want, choose a frame, decide whether you would like the mirror beveled or not, and we do the rest.
Can you match the frame/ mats I already have?
Yes as long as the frame style is still in production. If not, with more than 2,000 samples to choose from, we can almost always find something very close (or even better!).
Can someone help with the layout of my collage/photos/shadowbox?
Yes! We enjoy helping bring your memories to life. Please see our Visual Gallery for just a small sampling of the items we have framed for our customers.
Can you frame and have you framed sheepskin?
Yes, we do them all the time.
Can you frame textiles? Clothing? Needlework?
Yes. We routinely work with all types of textiles.