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Heirloom Charcoal in Roma Custom Frame


Custom picture frame for charcoal drawing

A customer recently brought us this beautiful charcoal portrait, done by a relative of the customer a century or more ago. We’re the perfect choice for framing valuable and irreplaceable art; our professional picture framers routinely handle critical-quality projects, and of course, we are bonded and insured. We frame it right the first time. The charcoal piece rests in a frame from Roma’s Ravello line, and features an FPF cloth liner and a Larson Juhl fillet.

This piece reminds us how custom framed art, photographs, sports items, memorabilia, etc., all make highly personal and unique gifts. And, they make for lasting gifts thanks to our exclusive use of acid-free materials and UV resistant glass.

Although our turnaround time is second to none, the holidays are fast approaching, so act now! Let us help you design a spectacularly memorable holiday gift (or gifts!) for the coming gift-giving season. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

PS: As much as we love the latest electronic gadgets, a custom framed gift will be just as beautiful, just as valued, decades after those gadget gifts are obsolete and forgotten!

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